ClymR Rifle System

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The Ultimate Mountain Hunting Rifle

The ClymR was designed to be the ultimate rifle for mountain hunting.  The design is perfected to balance lightweight and long-range shooting capability. The ClymR is the ideal choice when packability and performance are of utmost importance.




When it comes to rifles, lightweight and long range capable usually don't belong in the same sentence. Traditional ultralight rifles have a lot going against them when it comes to features and capability to perform well in long range hunting applications. YET, the ClymR is exactly that.

The ClymR stock is the lightest in the Gunwerks lineup. Like an Italian sports car, it's light, fast and extremely capable thanks to several key features and advanced technology.

Negative Comb

Gunwerks' signature negative comb decreases felt recoil while allowing for higher recoil pad positioning. This positions the recoil pad more in line with the barrel, thus reducing muzzle rise. The result is improved shot to shot consistency, less punishment from recoil, spotting impacts, and quicker follow-up shots.


    The classic stock design creates a steeper toe line. Ours is designed to balance the functionality of bag manipulation and recoil tracking.  Before the shot it's easy to adjust the buttstock height by moving the bag fore and aft.  After the shot, as the gun recoils and the toe line tracks along the bag, it won’t drop as much as traditional designs. This helps the shooter stay on target through the recoil impulse.

    Optimized Forend

    The forend has a wide flat surface for tracking along a supported rest or pack. The bipod attachment hardware extends the surface forward to prevent any obstructions to the recoil impulse that could cause a point of impact shift. And we achieved this all with a compact, 1" shorter forend that balances well with shorter 18-22" barrels.  

    Ergonomic Grip Design

    The ClymR grip is unlike anything the firearms industry has ever seen. By studying the ergonomics of shooter interaction, and the rifle recoil impulse in super light rifles, we identified the grip as a key interface with major influence on long-range precision and accuracy. Our grip places the thumb and the palm in the most advantageous locations for control. An integrated thumb shelf encourages proper grip technique and reduces over-gripping and torquing of the rifle when firing.


    Muzzle control is a big factor in proper follow-through. It pays to stay on target after the shot, you can’t always count on your spotter to make a correct impact call, and if you can stay on target, your chance for follow up is much higher.  

    Rifle thread cap


    All Gunwerks rifle systems come with threaded barrels (typically 5/8x24). This makes installation of a brake or suppressor as simple as possible. A thread cap can also be added where preferred. No special tools are needed. Hand tight usually does the trick!

    Directional muzzle brake


    The directional muzzle brake utilizes a unique recoil wedge to force the muzzle down and out during the shot, both reducing recoil and controlling muzzle jump. Brakes tame big magnums. The drawback...they're LOUD!

    Gunwerks suppressor


    The Gunwerks 6IX is an ideal fit for the ClymR. Suppressors dramatically reduce sound for the shooting and your quarry. They also reduce recoil. We use the term "gamechanger" sparingly, but it's appropriate here.