Gunwerks Custom QD Mount Sling

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    QD Mount Sling Overview

    Our custom mountain rifle sling with push button QD mounts is lightweight and simple enough to take on every hunt, but easy enough to install or remove on a moment's notice. This sling also fits most stocks or accessories fitted with push button QD Mounts.

    Tripod Sling Compatible
    The technique for using a specialized sling to enhance accuracy when shooting from a tripod was developed by Marine Corps Scout Snipers in the intense battles of Fallujah and Ramadi. The staff at Long Range University, which includes former Scout Snipers, took the technique and developed a streamlined version of the sling specifically for lightweight hunting applications. 

    The Gunwerks Custom Tripod sling consists of two pieces. The first piece is our standard Gunwerks Sling which weighs 4.30 oz. and has been modified with the addition of an attachment point which adds 0.02 oz. to the weight of the sling. The second piece is the Belt Attachment which weighs 2.44 oz. and is attached to the user’s belt and carried in the user’s pocket. The entire system weighs 6.76 oz. When utilized correctly, the system significantly improves stability when shooting off a tripod from the standing, kneeling, or seated positions.

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